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No More Lines for Laundry

Left to right: Mike Koziej, Senior Associate Director, Campus Living / Andrea Costantino, Director, Campus Living / Keith Curtachio, Director of Information Technology, Campus Dining & Shops / Leurys Mesa, UB Aerospace Engineering student during the April ribbon cutting in the Ellicott Complex on North Campus.

By Marissa Malone

Published May 19, 2015

Before hauling a giant load of laundry down five flights of stairs only to find all of the washers full, check out the Mobile ID application and reserve a machine.

Marissa Malone (UB Student, Class of 2015) has a dream of traveling to all seven continents, and she’s already visited four. When not globetrotting, Marissa studies Communication, Spanish, and Management at UB while working for both UBIT and Career Services.

"Back in my day, you had to wait until people came back for their laundry," said one UB student, who asked to remain anonymous. "And if you took too long, you would find your clothes on top of the dryer!"

But today, laundry machines in Ellicott are joining the growing list of machines and devices around the world being connected, in what is commonly called the "Internet of Things." The concept: to provide better service by connecting you and your machines and devices so everything can "talk" to each other. As a result of the Mobile ID app, you no longer need to leave your room to find out whether there's a washing machine available for you.


UB Campus Living unveiled the 84 high-tech laundry machines on April 10, 2015. Using the CBORD Mobile ID app, students have the ability to locate and reserve available washers and dryers from anywhere on campus, view wait times for machines in use, place temporary holds on machines, anonymously alert previous customers via text message when their laundry is ready for removal, and get notifications when machines become available.  

Next Cycle

Victor E. Bull during the April laundry room ribbon cutting in the Ellicott Complex.

Kevin Kuchta, Assistant Director for Marketing and Communications with Campus Living, told UBIT News that this transformation was the result of feedback from students. "Our laundry facilities were always identified as an area where students hoped for improvement," he said, "Students wanted a greater number of machines and a comfortable place to do laundry."

Wilkeson and Fargo are only the first locations to participate in the e-laundry transformation. Campus Living has plans to renovate laundry rooms in Richmond and Porter Quads during Summer 2015, which will make them Mobile ID-accessible before the fall semester.

Reserve Your Washer, or Learn More

Students have the ability to adjust system preferences and get email notifications by logging into the "Preferences" section of the CBORD Mobile ID website. To start using the system, visit Mobile ID reservations.

Anyone with additional questions or concerns is invited to call Kevin Kuchta from Campus Living at 716-645-5386 or Charles Anzalone with University Communications at 716-645-4600.