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Meet UBIT’s New Staff Members

Just a handful of UBIT's new staff members. From left to right: Ryan Lafko, Andrew Mycek, Brian Guy, Nicole Faulise, and Andrew Colosimo

By Marisela Lugo

Published November 30, 2015

Marisela Lugo (UB Student, Class of 2017) was born and raised in Bronx, NY. She is an active member in UB's Latin-based clubs: PODER and LASA. After assisting with and appearing in Cosmopolitan for Latinas’ Summer 2015 fashion forecast, she decided to major in Communications and Media Studies with dreams of working in print media.

UBIT is pleased to welcome several new staff members to our team.

Ryan Lafko joined Enterprise Application Services, part of UB Information Technology, in July 2015 as a Developer. Ryan builds and maintains applications that automate tasks for students and staff through the UB website.

“The experience I’ve gained on the job is priceless,” Ryan told UBIT News. “It allows me to put my education to a practical use and help expand my knowledge further in ways being a student could not.”

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys outdoor sports and skiing in the winter. Throughout the summer, he enjoys going to concerts at Canalside and Artpark.

Andrew Colosimo joined Enterprise Application Services as a Lead Programmer/Analyst in July 2015. 

He believes UBIT is committed to following best practices in development, which is extremely valuable to his growth. Andrew is responsible for customizing applications in order to better meet the university’s needs. 

“It’s always personally rewarding when you’re able to satisfy customers while deploying the best practices in development or support,” Andrew said.

Outside of the office, he enjoys playing golf, soccer, and drums. During the particularly snowy winter of 2014-2015, Andrew took up skiing.

For Gabriel Virga, joining Enterprise Infrastructure Services in July 2015 as a Unix Systems Administrator gave him the opportunity to make an impact behind the scenes.

Gabriel’s work allows UB to provide services like UBlearns. He works very closely with faculty to make sure UB’s course management system is always up and running. Gabriel enjoys putting the work in to make improvements.

“It’s very rewarding when we’re able to fix a bug and make our customers happy,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel enjoys working for a family friendly organization and likes the environment on North Campus.

In his spare time, Gabriel loves playing with his dogs and being outside as much as possible. He enjoys gardening and traveling with his wife.

Enterprise Infrastructure Services have welcomed four more new additions as Unix Systems Administrators: Charleen Elbousty and Todd Swatling in August 2015, Georgy Karapetian and Edward Szynaka in October 2015.

Brian Guy joined the Enterprise Application Services team as a Developer in July 2015.

Brian’s job involves supporting portions of the HUB Student Center. He looks forward to learning more about the UB environment and using his skills and experiences to help maximize the university’s investment in technology.

“I enjoy assisting business teams in using technology solutions to make their work more effective and efficient,” Brian told UBIT News. “I find the challenge of solving problems exciting and rewarding.”

Aside from working at UB, he loves to spend time with his family and supports the Veterans community. Brian was part of the team that built and maintains the WNY Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial.

Nicole Faulise joined Enterprise Application Services as a Developer in July 2015. 

Nicole works on many applications that students rely upon daily, including HUB Student Center and UBlearns. She treasures the opportunity to learn new things.

“I’m grateful that I’m able to work on projects that impact all of the students and faculty.” Nicole said. “The work that I do makes everyone’s academic and personal lives a little bit easier,”

When Nicole is out of the office, she enjoys playing for her local Rugby team.

Andrew Mycek joined Network and Classroom Services as a Staff Assistant in October 2015. Andrew is no stranger to UBIT, though-- he worked here as a Student Assistant for several years. He told UBIT News, “It became like a second home in a sense, and it felt natural to continue working with this great group of people.”

Andrew’s job ensures that technicians and electricians have all the necessary tools and parts to efficiently and effectively service UB’s network and phone gear. In turn, this ensures that UB’s students are getting the best learning experience.

Andrew said he “likes being a part of a community, and my contributions help to keep our UB community moving forward in our communications between faculty, staff, and students.”

Maulik Dave joined Enterprise Application Services in October 2015 as Lead Programmer Analyst.

Maulik does what is essential for the proper functioning of UB applications that faculty, students, and staff use on a daily basis. Maulik believes that UBIT is central to smooth operations through all facets of UB’s community.

Maulik added, “I find it rewarding to be part of that and of the greater UB community.”

When Maulik is out of the office, he loves spending time with his kids, hiking, yoga, and reading.

Laura Novakovic joined IT Customer Service in October 2015 as a Help Center Supervisor.

Laura was impressed with UB’s impact on the area and as a business incubator for our local economy. She thinks the research done here has far-reaching effects and finds it very gratifying to be able to support that in some way.

Being part of IT Customer Service means that she supports a vast array of people all over campus including students, faculty and staff. She assists them with their technology questions and problems.

Laura added, “I enjoy working with people to solve problems and build strong teams.”

When Laura is out of the office, she loves to cook, spend time with her family, and work in her garden.