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Meet the New Faces of UBIT

Clockwise from top left: Stephen Burow, Steven Johnson, Kevin Hartman, Kevin Stevens, and Julianne Santacesaria

By Marissa Malone

Published March 3, 2014

We're pleased to welcome five new staff members to the UBIT team. 

“The university inspires a passion for learning about new technology and the people who use it.”
Kevin Stevens, Lead Programmer/Analyst
Enterprise Application Services (EAS)

Marissa Malone (UB Student, Class of 2015) has a dream of traveling to all seven continents, and she’s already visited four. When not globetrotting, Marissa studies Communication, Spanish, and Management at UB while working for both UBIT and Career Services.

Kevin Hartman joins Network and Classroom Services (NCS) as a Multimedia Technician, and Enterprise Application Services (EAS) has four new faces: Steven Johnson and Kevin Stevens as Lead Programmer/Analysts, and Julianne Santacesaria and Stephen Burow as Developers.

Finding Balance at UB

Kevin Hartman joined CIT in November and is excited to be part of the UB community. “There are so many great people to work with at UB,” Kevin said. “My job allows me a great work/life balance, giving me more time with my wife and son. There are so many opportunities for personal enrichment at the university: I’ve been broadening my horizons in business and IT since I arrived.”

As Multimedia Technician, Kevin brings his skills from his previous position as Video Production Director to UB.  “My position is a bit more complicated and complex than what I used to do, but I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to learn and grow.”

Welcome Home

For some of our new associates, taking on a position at UB was coming home. Steven Johnson’s involvement with CIT began long before his current role. He worked for the CIT Help Desk while pursuing his undergraduate degree at UB. Since graduating, Steven worked at an outside company as a Software Engineer, but is excited to return to his alma mater “to learn new technologies and further my education.” Away from UB, Steven enjoys playing tennis and a great passion for cars and motorcycles.

After graduating from UB, Kevin Stevens worked as a software engineer for a cloud computing company where he “provided a platform for hosting applications where you don’t need to own your own server.” He has wanted to return to UB for a long time.

Kevin added, “UB has a diverse community and stands out from other institutions. The university inspires a passion for learning about new technology and the people who use it.” Away from work, Kevin occupies his time by practicing origami, attending the theater and cycling.

Growing and Giving Back

As a new Developer, Julianne Santacesaria is eager to work for an institution like UB that gives back to the global community. In Julianne’s spare time, she enjoys reading and nature photography.

Our latest new staff member, Stephen Burrow, joined UB in February 2014. “I’m happy to be part of an organization that is moving forward in the field of technology,” Stephen said. “UB’s advancements allow me to grow as an individual and in my career.” In his spare time, Stephen can be found cheering on the Bills and Sabres, and often volunteers for his church. When not out at community events, he enjoys going to the movies, playing sports or spending time with friends and family.