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UB Students Tell Us About Technology

By Blake Cooper

Published March 19, 2015

The results from 2014’s UBIT Student Experience Survey are in, and they paint a picture of the ever-evolving ways students use technology.

Blake Cooper (UB Student, Class of 2016) is originally from Canandaigua, NY. He is studying Spanish, Linguistics and Comparative Literature, and beginning work on translating an Argentinian novel into English.

The UBIT Student Experience Survey is administered each fall with the goal of providing the UB community with a better understanding about how students think about and use technology. Conducted over two weeks during October through November 2014, the 18 annual survey appeared in UB cybraries and libraries, MyUB and other university communications, including a variety of school and department social media channels.

The 2014 survey featured 38 questions, focusing on key services, inquiring as to which devices and technology are most utilized by UB students. Over 1,000 students responded: 70% of respondents were undergraduate majors, with graduate, professional and non-matriculated students making up the other 30%.

In 2014, students diversified their devices, using laptops less and tablets more. Also, contrary to the trend toward mobile, desktop computer use among UB students has increased for the second straight year, up to over 45% from its all-time low in 2012 (just under 25%).

Some interesting trends were noticeable by school: UB’s School of Social Work students overwhelmingly prefer iPhones (80%), and only 39% of Architecture and Law students report using laptops.

Where We Stand

UBIT received some high marks in this year’s survey; more students were aware of the free software provided by UBIT and services like the UB Secure Wi-Fi Setup wizard than in 2013. 78% of students also felt that UB is looking out for their online safety.

20% of UB students are still dissatisfied with the campus Wi-Fi coverage, with 38% reporting they needed help connecting to Wi-Fi within the past year. As a result of campus conversations and feedback from UBIT Student Experience Surveys, a three year Wi-Fi Boost project is in the works to begin Summer 2015 to increase Wi-Fi coverage across UB’s campus.

Consistent with the 2013 survey, students requested that instructors respond more to emails and consistently use email to increase student/faculty communication. UB students still felt that instructors need more training with instructional technology so it can be used more effectively as a teaching tool. UB students also continue to be dissatisfied being required to purchase multiple clickers for different classes.

We encourage you to read this year’s report in its entirety, and would like to thank every student who participated. To tell us what you think about technology trends and services at UB in the time between surveys, follow UBIT on Facebook or Twitter.