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New Symantec Endpoint Protection Fixes Security Risk

Published June 19, 2014

Keep your computer secure. A new version of Symantec Endpoint Protection is available, which fixes a security risk.

UB recently updated its version of  licensed Symantec Endpoint Protection software to patch a known security risk. Symantec Endpoint Protection is an anti-virus software bundle that provides an effective firewall as well as virus removal software. One of the most important benefits of Symantec Endpoint Protection is that the software is constantly being updated with the latest virus and threat definitions.

Time to Update

IT professionals, faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to update their software to the latest version, even if they are already using Symantec Endpoint Protection:

  • Students, staff and, faculty should download the Windows or Macintosh versions for their personal machines. Directions for installation for Windows 7/8 and Mac are available.
  • IT Staff are asked to download and install the new version of UB’s managed version of Symantec Endpoint Protection on their departmental computers.