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IT News by Topic: Phones


If you have an iPhone, Apple recommends that you upgrade to iOS 9.3.5 as soon as possible. With previous versions of iOS, there are multiple zero-day vulnerabilities that can allow someone to take control of your device’s camera or microphone.


Logging in to UB’s Telephone Self-Care Portal for managing telephone settings is now even easier using your UBITName and password.


UBIT is converting the current UB phone technology used for off-campus communication. This conversion will modernize the phone system and improve reliability for faculty and staff.   


T-Mobile’s network will enjoy a boost on UB’s North Campus starting in late Spring 2016.    


UB Information Technology is partnering with Cisco to offer a trade-in program for all UB phone models, regardless of age or condition.  


Today’s technology allows you to stay connected anytime, anywhere. Thanks to UB’s new phones from Cisco, it’s now even easier to manage your phone calls…even when your UB office phone is miles away.   


Take a call to your UB phone from your office or your cell phone, and then switch back and forth as needed without skipping a beat. 

When you use the directories on your UB phone, there is a handy new feature called Presence that indicates a line is busy even before you dial. 
Beginning Fall 2014, new model VoIP phones are available for UB departments by request from UBIT.
As the long lines for the new iPhone can attest, everybody loves getting the latest smartphone. But when it’s time to get rid of our old devices, what can we do to keep our personal data safe? Sometimes it’s more complicated than just deleting a few files. 

Keeping our system up-to-date is important so that our phones can support current and future applications, service carriers and technologies.


More than 7,200 voice mailboxes across all three UB campuses are now able to retrieve accidentally deleted messages.