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UB Phones Join Extended Numbering Plan

Published July 30, 2014

UB has been enjoying the benefits of a modern, standardized Voice over IP based telephone system for several years.  Keeping our system up-to-date is important so that our phones can support current and future applications, service carriers and technologies.

One such update is adoption of the international public telecommunications numbering plan defined as Standard E.164.  Anyone familiar with placing telephone calls internationally outside of North America will already know part of this numbering scheme that requires an appropriate country code.   Moving to E.164 will allow us to integrate more directly with the public telephone cloud.

There will be no change in how numbers are dialed or the visual presentation of incoming or outgoing calls. The change will affect how numbers are displayed in the call logs that are available through the phone menu.

Supported telephones will display phone call log numbers beginning with the plus sign “+”, the appropriate country code, followed by the subscriber’s ten digit phone number.  E.164 displays a maximum of 15 digits. So, for example, the number 716-645-2000 (UB’s information number) will display as "+1 7166452000," since the North American Numbering Plan is used here. Similarly, a number from Ireland would display as "+353 87 2494444," with 353 as the country code for Ireland, and the remaining digits corresponding to Irelands dialing code scheme.

Some telephones at UB, roughly 4%, will not have E.164 phone call log display capability because they were installed early on in the VoIP project. Cisco models 7905, 7912, 7940 and 7960 do not support the E.164 display and will continue to display telephone numbers unchanged.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the CIT Help Desk (, 716-645-3542, Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary).