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IT News by Topic: Getting Connected

Preserving and sharing the knowledge of today with the scholars of tomorrow is a crucial part of any learning institution’s mission. UB’s Digital Repository is a free resource for all UB-affiliated scholars to protect and share their research.
On April 1, 2015, the next installment of the Digital Challenges Series will allow students to answer an important question: What am I doing in your classroom?
With just one click, you’ll never have to worry about missing a meal on campus…even if you forgot your UB Card.
What’s one thing everyone talks about, but no one does anything about? If you said “poor Wi-Fi reception," guess again. Something is being done.
There have been reports of a "Failed to initialize connection subsystem” error received while using Cisco AnyConnect to establish a virtual private network. The errors began with the February 2015 Microsoft security patch.
What began as a project to link UB’s multiple, geographically dispersed campuses has turned into a very successful regional collaboration for Western New York’s public service organizations.
The next installments in the ongoing Digital Challenges series, scheduled for February 2015, will provide a glimpse into the future of classroom teaching and learning.
As the semester starts, you’ll notice some changes in the works at Capen’s Silverman Library.
Amazing. Some of UB’s core network systems have been online for years at a time without failing or being shut down. This is no small feat, and it doesn’t happen by accident.
Good news: UBIT’s website is getting a mobile makeover. 
Hazy cell phone service is rapidly becoming a thing of the past at UB, at least for Verizon Wireless customers.
Thought your attempts to play Destiny on campus were FAIL? Power up your Xbox or PlayStation again…it works at UB!
As the long lines for the new iPhone can attest, everybody loves getting the latest smartphone. But when it’s time to get rid of our old devices, what can we do to keep our personal data safe? Sometimes it’s more complicated than just deleting a few files. 
For most of us, it’s difficult to imagine life without an Internet connection. With the freedom to get connected “anytime, anywhere” comes a greater chance of putting your private information at risk.
Getting a safe, reliable Wi-Fi connection shouldn't have to be a hassle when you travel to other universities. For UB faculty, staff and students, it just got easier.
Everybody loves Wi-Fi. It's great not being tethered, and UB's Wi-Fi provides plenty of speed for simple tasks. But you might be surprised to learn that UB's network engineers include wired connections in new buildings, and for good reason.
If you previously connected to the UB Secure Wi-Fi network, you may need to change some settings to connect again.  Please follow these step-by-step instructions.

UBIT is happy to announce a power survivability option for departments who wish to preserve their network connectivity during power failures or maintenance activities. 

Technology grows exponentially. Sometimes we need to afford it space to expand.
Swiping your card is so 1990s. Students responding to the UB’s 2013 Student IT Experience Survey asked for an upgrade, hoping to see their UB Cards replaced with smart card technology, such as RFID.
The world is quickly running out of IP addresses. Don't panic, UBIT is on the case.

UB is the size of a small city, which keeps UB's engineers busy with demands for better cellular service. The Distributed Antenna System offers the campus a much-needed boost.


How does UBIT know the ways UB students use technology? We ask, and we listen to them.


Thanks to UB’s Wake On LAN (WOL) service, on-campus computers can enjoy a sound sleep unless needed, which saves UB both energy and money.