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Critical Upgrades to Keep UB's Networks Up and Running

UBIT Network Architect Joseph Pautler points out the physical hardware involved in an upcoming wired network switch upgrade.

Published January 23, 2017

By Kenneth Kashif Thomas

Keeping technology current is a constant battle. Even if well-worn devices keep running, they often outlive their manufacturer support. This is currently the case for many of the wired network switches responsible for ensuring that network traffic is received by, and sent to, the correct places and devices on UB’s campuses.

Kenneth Kashif Thomas (UB Student, Class of 2017) is an Economics major with an interest in Journalism. He is the 2016-17 Senior Features Editor of the UB Spectrum student newspaper.

Now UBIT is starting a crucial upgrade that will encompass over 1,400 wired network switches across UB’s three campuses. In addition to replacing out-of-date equipment, this upgrade will also increase our network capacity and flexibility to address anticipated future research and institutional needs.

What will be different for me?

UB’s wired network switch replacements should require minimal interruption or changes to how UB students, faculty and staff use the Internet and other networks.

Any devices that have connected to UB’s wired networks within the two months prior to the new hardware installation will be automatically configured for use with the new switches.

Any new devices will need to be registered and/or authenticated the first time they connect to UB’s wired and wireless networks; this process is guided by a log-in window or Web page redirect that appears when someone connects for the first time, similar to how guests register on the UB Connect Wi-Fi network.

How do I find out when and where changes are happening?

The Wired Network Switch project page will be continually updated to show the order of building upgrades. UBIT will contact the appropriate support staff supporting each building one month prior to starting each building upgrade to notify them of the intended schedule and address any questions. 

UBIT Alerts will be posted online prior to work beginning in each building, and technical staff will contact building occupants to update them on progress.