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Outdoor Event? Request UB Wi-Fi to Go

Wi-Fi to Go creator Adam Zangerle, UBIT Network Engineer, offers a look inside the portable Wi-Fi box.

By Dan Hartman

Published May 12, 2016

Dan Hartman (UB Student, Class of 2016) was born in Rochester, NY. He transferred to UB after earning an Associate’s Degree at Monroe Community College and is working towards completing his Bachelor’s in Communication. Dan hopes to become a screenwriter someday. In his free time, he enjoys working out, eating cereal, and spending time with his friends.

UB Wi-Fi to Go is now available for UB faculty, staff or student organizations who wish to connect to UB Wi-Fi where there currently is none. UB Wi-Fi to Go will bring an enterprise level hot spot to events or areas lacking a strong connection. 

Click and Go

UB Wi-Fi to Go is as easy to use as it is to transport. According to UBIT network engineer Adam Zangerle, “Just push one button and the system will power up and start broadcasting UB Wi-Fi. That said, UBIT will still send someone to set it up for you.”

Thinking Inside the Box

UB Wi-Fi to Go can run for up to six hours without needing a power source or charge. With a high speed aggregate connection provided by Verizon Wireless, UB Wi-Fi to Go is a fast and reliable option which will allow campus community members to utilize a local Wi-Fi connection for their mobile devices. “For standard Web browsing, Wi-Fi to Go allows up to 10 people to connect to UB’s Wi-Fi,” Adam added.

The Wi-Fi to Go unit is mounted on a tripod, and requires no configuration to use it.  “The same equipment is used in transportation and construction. It’s easily deployable and can work in just about any environment. I wanted to create something that wouldn’t require being tied to a power outlet or table,” Adam added.

The unit is built for outdoors as it’s waterproof and durable enough to function in light rain. “That doesn’t mean you should bring it on a boat,” Adam joked.  

The UB Wi-Fi to Go unit is the first of its kind.  With no similar alternatives to enterprise-level Wi-Fi hotspots on the market, Adam was forced to be creative with the design process. “There is no commercial solution for a tripod mounted and battery-powered Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s a pretty cool thing to create.”

So, what do you need in order to connect to UB Wi-Fi to Go? “It relies on access to Verizon 4g LTE cellular service,” Adam said. “If there’s a Verizon Wireless 4g LTE signal, it will connect, and the performance is completely subject to cellular connectivity.”

UB Wi-Fi to Go is offered on a first come, first served basis at no charge. A UB faculty or staff member must make the request on behalf of students as an endorsement of the event or activity – simply fill out a form in the UBIT Help Center online to get started.