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Pay for Meals (and more) with Mobile ID

UB student Shubhi Jain at the Greens & Beans checkout, where you can now pay using Mobile ID.

Article and photos by Marissa Malone

Published March 12, 2015

With just one click, you’ll never have to worry about missing a meal on campus…even if you forgot your UB Card.

Marissa Malone (UB Student, Class of 2015) has a dream of traveling to all seven continents, and she’s already visited four. When not globetrotting, Marissa studies Communication, Spanish, and Management at UB while working for both UBIT and Career Services.

Bring Your Smartphone

The Faculty Student Association (FSA) and Campus Dining and Shops (CDS) launched the Mobile ID application during the Fall 2014 semester. It allows students to make purchases at 260 vending machines and 54 point of service (POS) scanners across campus using their smartphone.

“The trend is to go mobile, and the Mobile ID emerged as the ‘Killer App,’” said Keith Curtachio, Director for FSA/CDS Information Technology. 

UB’s Got Your Back

Use Mobile ID to pay at UB's vending machines.

The new Mobile ID application is as secure as using a credit card. Shibboleth, a single sign-on identity solution, ensures the security of Mobile ID and verifies all services and transactions are official to UB.

To make a vending purchase with CBORD Mobile ID, find the 4-digit PIN and Mobile ID location number at the vending station and enter the information corresponding to the machine where you’d like to make your purchase.

To buy through a POS scanner, simply present your Mobile ID instead of your UB Card and your phone will be scanned. 

Your Laundry is Ready

Laundry rooms in Fargo and Wilkeson allow students to reserve machines 15 minutes before use, and get a notification when their laundry is done using Mobile ID.

UB Campus Living and FSA/CDS have also furnished Fargo and Wilkeson laundry rooms with Mobile ID scanners. Students are now able to reserve two machines, 15 minutes before use, from their smartphone and be notified when their laundry is ready for pick-up.

Two more laundry room conversions will take place during Summer 2015 in Ellicott. The goal is to complete all Ellicott Complex and Governors laundry rooms during 2016. 

What UB Card?

A CBORD scanner on a laundry machine.

Mobile ID proved to be very convenient for Sophomore Computer Engineer, Drew Clark, when he lost his UB Card. “I use it (Mobile ID) every day,” he said. Drew recommends having the app open before heading to the register.

Keith told UBIT News, “Even though all services on-campus have the potential to operate through a phone application, a UB card is still necessary for many things, for now, including access to residence halls. UB Cards are the official form of identification at UB, whereas Mobile ID is more of an ‘extension of your identity.’”

FSA and CDS are not forcing anyone to use the new technology, but Mobile ID is available to everyone with an active UB Card.

Up Next…

In the future, Mobile ID could be used for class attendance and, according to Keith, “That’s a hot topic on campus right now. Everyone wants a better way to record attendance.”

A new mobile pizza ordering system is on the horizon, and another app, Mobile Reader, is being considered to grant instantaneous access to specific offices and labs.

Keith hopes to see other UB departments take an interest in Mobile ID and further expand its use.

Go Mobile

For more information on how to download and make a purchase using Mobile ID, visit