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Roam Whenever You Want To

By Valerie Priester

Published July 9, 2014

Getting a safe, reliable Wi-Fi connection shouldn't have to be a hassle when you travel to other universities. For UB faculty, staff and students, it just got easier.

Introducing eduroam

“If you use the configuration does all the configuring for you.”
Jerry Bucklaew, Network Architect
Network and Classroom Services (NCS)

Valerie Priester (UBIT Staff) is a valuable member of UB Information Technology and has worked for UB for over 17 years, most recently as part of the IT Policy & Communication team. When not writing Web content for UBIT, she can be found rowing on Tonawanda Creek, gardening or walking her dog, Maddie.

UB faculty, staff and students now have access to eduroam, a service that lets UB faculty, staff and students connect to secure Wi-Fi while visiting other participating institutions.

It’s not just having access to a Web browser, either. With eduroam, you can access UB services at a remote participating campus almost as if you were using UB Secure Wi-Fi at UB.

Don't Wait...Set It Up Once

Connections to eduroam should be set up using the configuration tool before you leave UB, and you only need to set it up once.

Read more about eduroam and configure it

Don't actually connect to eduroam before you leave UB, though. After you arrive at the participating school, your configured smartphone, tablet or laptop will automatically connect to the eduroam network through a secure, encrypted connection.

If your device doesn’t connect to eduroam while you're away, contact the CIT Help Desk at UB directly for assistance (716-645-3542 or

"It’s pretty easy," said Jerry Bucklaew, Network Architect with Network and Classroom Services (NCS). "You just use the configuration tool and pull down SUNY Buffalo in the list of institutions." Next, download and run the executable (.exe) file for your operating system." Android systems must be configured manually.

"The biggest problem people have is if they don’t use the configuration link and try to set it up on their own. They think the Domain is, but it’s not. It’s actually,” advised Jerry. "If you use the configuration tool, you don’t even need to know that: it does all the configuring for you."

Authentication for UB faculty, staff and students using eduroam at other institutions is handled through UB, so your password isn't shared with other universities.

UB Students, Faculty Staff: Use UB Secure at UB

If you're a UB student, faculty or staff member, don't try to connect to the eduroam network while at UB. Use UB Secure Wi-Fi instead.

Visiting UB?

For faculty, staff or students visiting UB from another university that participates in eduroam, your school’s services can be accessed through eduroam Wi-Fi.

Visiting faculty, staff or students need to set up their device before leaving their campus, but when they arrive at UB, their device should automatically connect to eduroam once ithe network is selected. Any visiting faculty who have problems connecting should contact their school’s IT support for assistance.

Policies, Policies

Anyone using eduroam is bound by the host institution’s network and security policies. For instance, if a school’s firewall settings block access to something, you won't be able to access it through eduroam, even if you normally could access it at UB.

Where Is eduroam Available?

Schools using eduroam are located all over the world. Check to see if your destination is one of them before you go: