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Power Survivability Service

Published June 3, 2014

UBIT is happy to announce a power survivability option for departments located in buildings that already have an emergency generator who wish to preserve their network connectivity during power failures or maintenance activities.  

Some departments have requested a power survivability option to ensure their UBIT-provided services, including telephones, continue to function during power interruptions or outages.  UB’s VoIP telephones and Wi-Fi access points receive their power through the network cord that connects them to the network switch in the local Telecommunication Room. When power to the network switch is lost, these services are inoperative, as well as network connectivity to any attached workstations. The solution is to place the switch on an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). These devices work like a battery backup to provide sufficient power to the switch to continue working for a finite period of time.

Contract arrangements have been made with an external vendor to install Uninterruptible Power Supplies within Telecommunication Rooms to provide power to network switches and network-related devices. The contract provides for a 5 year warranty on the UPS device and service.  Costs for the UPS solution will be billed directly to the requesting department(s). Installation will be done under the supervision of NCS network engineers to ensure compliance with network standards.

For more information, check out the Power Survivability Service webpage.