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Gmail for All (Students)

Published June 6, 2014

Starting June 9, 2014, students in UB's schools of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dental Medicine will be moved from the UBmail (Central Email) system to UBmail Powered by Google (Gmail), joining other UB students who've enjoyed Gmail since 2009.

The move, which will take place between June 9 to June 27, will allow all UB students to take advantage of cloud-based productivity apps like Google Drive and Google Calendar. Students’ email storage limit will also be increased from one to about 25 gigabytes of space.

Am I Being Switched?

Students being migrated to UBmail Powered by Google will receive an email between June 9 and June 27, prior to their migration. That email will tell them what day they are being switched.

During the Switch

To ensure your email is copied to Gmail properly, we ask that on that day you not move, send or delete any messages. You can still read your messages. Your new UBmail Powered by Google mail will be available 9 a.m. on migration day. You may use that to send email, and your new email will arrive there.

After the Switch

When the migration is complete, you will receive another email. At this time, your email will be fully operational.

Your email address remains the same after migration.

For the next 60 days when you log into, you will have the opportunity to access your old UBmail (Central Email) to record any of your old settings, or to save important attachments or files stored there.

The following will not be migrated into UBmail Powered by Google:

  • Messages larger than 25 MB
  • Messages containing an executable (.exe) file as an attachment

The following will need to be recreated in UBmail Powered by Google:*

  • Address books (Webmail only)
  • Email filters created using the Central Email filter tool
  • Forwarding rules created using the Central Email forwarding tool
  • Signature files (Webmail only)

*Address books, email filters, forwarding rules and signature files created in an email client such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail or Outlook do not need to be recreated.

Wait, What About My Phone?

Students who use the Gmail client on their phone to read email should follow the instructions for configuring UBmail Powered by Google. Students who set up a connection using another email client should enable IMAP.

What If I Use Another Email Client?

Students who use a client such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail or Outlook should enable IMAP.

Students who currently read email through their browser will use as before.

Who Can I Call For Help?

The CIT Help Desk (, 716-645-3542, Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary) is still the place to go with questions or problems.