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Brightening Up UB, One Page at a Time

Veronica Percello, sophomore Media Studies student, appreciates color printouts in the Lockwood Cybrary.

By Robert Poleszak

Published March 11, 2014

The world has been a little less gray for students printing at UB.

“Being able to print in color really brought my project to life.”
Cassy Klewiki, UB Student
Senior, Environmental Studies

Robert Poleszak (UB Student, Class of 2014) is a senior marketing student who hails from Brooklyn, NY. In his free time, he enjoys reading, swimming and binge watching sitcoms on Netflix. Upon graduating in May, he hopes to write for advertising agencies in New York City.

Since October 2013, UB has had over 115,000 color pages printed, and over half of those came out of the Lockwood Cybrary’s print station.

“We’re happy with the smooth rollout of this service,” said Scott Harrigan, Customer Support Analyst with Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS). “Students are very pleased to finally have color printing available.”

UB handles roughly 21 million pages annually, and currently color printing accounts for 1% of those. “Students are being cautious about using color printing since it's slightly more expensive than black and white ($.30 per page), but we expect usage to only increase over time,” Scott added.

Alex Heywood, senior Anthropology student at UB, shows off his colorful wall.

From Projects to Wallpaper

Students are using color printing in a variety of ways. Senior Environmental Studies major Cassy Klewiki recently used it for her major final project. “I created a field guide, filled with tons of illustrations of flora and fauna,” Cassy said. “Being able to print it in color really brought my project to life.”

Other students are finding color printing useful for decorating. Alex Heywood, a senior Anthropology student, said, “When I find pictures I like on the Internet, I print and display them on my wall, the same way you would with cool album art. It really adds a little color to our space.”

Senior Biology and Anthropology major Emily Fiore uses the service for a good cause. “I’ve been trying to help raise money for buildOn, a charity that builds schools in Haiti,” she said. “Color printing allows me to make my flyers as eye catching as possible.”  

Know Before You Queue

Although color printing’s launch was largely uneventful, some students have accidentally printed black and white documents to the color printer and were charged the higher rate.

“Students should be conscious of the printing queue they’ve selected,” Scott advised. “If you send a document to the wrong printer by mistake, please see a consultant at the print service counter immediately so we can issue a refund.”