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Connect Auto-Magically to UB Secure Wi-Fi

student connected with UB Secure

Published June 19, 2014

Getting devices connected securely on UB’s Wi-Fi network has been a problem for new faculty, staff and especially students.  CIT is pleased to announce that as of August 15, 2013, a new automatic configuration service called UB Secure WiFiSetup will make those problems a thing of the past.

“Our goal was to reduce the number of calls to the CIT Help Desk and make it seamless for students, as well as UB employees, to connect to the UB Secure wireless network.”
Leslie Evans, Project Manager
CIT Network and Classroom Services

According to Leslie Evans, Project Manager for Network and Classroom Services, “Our goal was to make connecting to the UB Secure wireless network seamless for students, as well as UB employees. UB Secure WiFiSetup should also reduce the number of calls to the CIT Help Desk.”            

UB Secure WiFiSetup uses a simple configuration wizard to set up your devices to automatically connect safely to the UB Secure Wi-Fi network whenever your device is on campus. You will only need to authenticate once using your UBITName and password, and it will be entered automatically for you from then on.

If you’ve already configured your devices to use UB Secure, there will be no need to change your settings. However, if you’re currently using UB Wireless or UB Guest Wi-Fi, which are unencrypted and can leave personal information at risk, we strongly encourage you to follow the UB Secure WiFiSetup wizard.

UBSecure WiFiSetup is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Macintosh OS 10.5+, iOS 2+ and Android 2.1+. If you’re using an older, non-supported device, or have trouble using the wizard, manual configuration instructions are still available at

To configure using UB Secure WiFiSetup, visit

A team of Network and Classroom Services staff worked to research and implement this new service. “The initial team, which consisted of Rob Colantuoni, Mark Ferguson and Matt Suarez, began researching different tools in July 2012,” said Leslie. “Jerry Bucklaew and Kathleen Murphy became involved later and were instrumental in launching the new service."

Leslie added, “Cloudpath, the provider for UB Secure WiFiSetup, had been previously evaluated for another project. The team consulted other universities about the products they used and their performance. Feedback about Cloudpath was very positive, especially from Syracuse University.”

Learn more about UB Secure WiFiSetup at Contact the CIT Help Desk at 716-645-3542 or with any questions.

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