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Fresh Places to Connect

Fresh places to connect

Published August 21, 2013

Excited for a new semester? There are some fresh new places for you to connect on campus.

Changes to Familiar Spaces

An exciting addition to the Lockwood 2nd Floor Cybrary are the colorful new Express Stations. You’ll get energized making a quick email check or printing stop. With monitors mounted on the wall at eye-level, there’s lots of space on the desk for you and your stuff. Bulky computer towers have been replaced by slim "virtual machines."

New Places to Collaborate

Building on the excitement, some new informal learning spaces have been created in Baldy Hall and the Biomedical Education Building (BIOED). Always popular with students, the three spaces added to Baldy’s third floor walkway, in addition to one on BIOED’s third floor elevator lobby, make it more convenient for groups to collaborate outside the classroom.

Each space offers a large LCD screen that you can run from your laptop, as well as fixed-floor seating and a desk. Additional learning spaces are continuously in use in locations such as Knox Hall, Diefendorf and the Natural Sciences Complex, with more planned for the future.

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