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Charge Your Devices in Lockwood Cybrary

use the empty lockers to charge your devices

Left, the Charge + Lock station in Lockwood Cybrary. Right, a green locker is available for charging a device.

Published June 19, 2014

Your phone's almost dead, but can't find your charger? No worries...stop by the Lockwood Cybrary and use the free Charge + Lock station.

About Charge + Lock

Charge + Lock is a free charging system for portable devices such as cell phones and tablets. Conveniently located at the entry of the Lockwood Cybrary, the Charge + Lock station will charge your device for up to a half hour. After that time, charging stops, but your device remains secure until you enter your PIN and pick it up.

Simply choose a green-lit locker, enter a PIN and a passcode, turn off or mute your device, connect your device to a charger and close the locker to secure it. If your phone allows for Qi Wireless charging, use the wireless charge pad!

The Charge + Lock station is currently unable to charge iOS 7 devices and can't be used to charge laptops.

Forget your PIN? Find a computing site consultant who can help you retrieve your device using your passcode.

Charge + Lock's ChargeFast technology allows your device to charge up to twice as fast.

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