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An image of a business man with a lamp shade on his head, "Mr. Party".

Check your Social Media privacy setting to block undersired images in email

Published June 19, 2014, which serves as Microsoft’s new email portal, includes integration with Facebook and Twitter, specifically profile picture lookup. When an user receives an email, the service will attempt to pull a picture from social media accounts that are associated with the sender’s email address.  

Why is this a problem?

Having integration with social media websites can be a good thing, but there may be reasons for not wanting your social media profile picture to appear next to your emails in someone else's inbox.  

For example, if you use your UB email account to send a message to someone at and your UB email account is associated with Facebook or Twitter, will pull a picture from Facebook to display when your email message is displayed. Depending on what images you have on Facebook or Twitter, the picture may be inappropriate, like Mr. Party above. provides Web access for the following popular email domains:,, and So email messages sent to people with mailboxes with these domains may see your social media profile picture, unless you take steps to disable this integration feature.

For step-by-step directions on how to unlink your email address from social media sites, see the Related Links section on this page.

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