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New OpenPort Access Procedure


Published May 13, 2013

As of May 14, 2013, using OpenPorts on campus requires registering your connected device using the Network Registration website to access the Internet.


OpenPorts are public wired network connections located mainly in University library locations, but also available in most technology classrooms and some office locations. Unlike most network ports in offices and rooms which are used by a single individual most of the time, OpenPorts may be used by many people over the course of a day. Although most people use Wi-Fi for access to UB's network using UB_Secure, OpenPorts can be used with devices that have no Wi-Fi port, and they deliver up to 1,000 Mbps speed (1Gbps), which is faster than Wi-Fi.

Changes in OpenPort registration

As of May 14, 2013, OpenPort uses the same network registration as ResNet and the UB_Gaming Wi-Fi network.  

Registration is a two step process. The first step is to register your computer using the Network Registration website. This requires opening a browser, entering the Network Registration website URL, and completing the form. You'll need to know the MAC address for your device which requires some poking around in the network setup controls of your computer or device.  The second step is to appropriately set up the ethernet network configuration on your computer for UB's OpenPort.

Why is this change necessary?

Previously, OpenPort use required authentication with a network firewall which offered nothing more than a username and password dialogue. There was no UB service identification or directions available.  OpenPort now uses the same method as ResNet and UB_Gaming, and consolidates these services to the same back-end devices to reduce support costs.

Where to learn more

Details for using OpenPort including complete instructions for registering your computer and configuring your network port are available at

Need Help?

If you're having problems accessing OpenPort, contact the CIT Help Desk (, 716-645-6158).

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