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Building Switch Replacements Remove Bandwidth Blocks

Building switch replacements will remove bandwidth blocks.

Published July 22, 2013

Beginning in August 2013, Network and Classroom Services (NCS) will start replacing building switches throughout UB's campuses, increasing building bandwidth and speed to the university network and the Internet.

Network switches in nearly 90 buildings across UB's three campuses will be updated, removing congested network blockages. A network switch acts as a controller, receiving and distributing messages from connected network links throughout the building and university as a whole.

Each building will have a pair of 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) network links installed, replacing the existing 1 Gbps links. Total bandwidth will increase to 20 Gbps in and out. The update also fixes the current system's redundancy and reliability problems by increasing power supplies in each switch from one to two.

Three buildings (Computing Center, Fronczak Hall and the Educational Opportunity Center) were tested as pilots during May and June 2013. "[Being in the Computing Center,] it gives us a good opportunity to be the guinea pigs," said Joseph Pautler, Senior Network Engineer for Network and Classroom Services (NCS). "We're really sensitive to any network issue or blip, so we could notice it right away and quickly respond to it."

The remaining buildings are split into two phases. Phase one is scheduled to begin in August 2013 with preference given to student housing, the buildings with the most network connections, and groupings of related buildings for efficiency.

Questions about UB building switch replacements can be directed to Joseph Paulter.



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