Use Zoom, Panopto and UB Learns together for better online classes

A professor teaches to a physically distanced and mask wearing audience in a UB classroom.

Published December 7, 2020

Looking for a better way to record and share your online classes with students? Follow this guide to make online classes easier to administer for you and more consistent for your students.


This guide works best for faculty and instructors using Zoom to hold virtual classes. It will help walk you through the few simple steps to incorporate your Zoom classes, and Panopto recordings of those classes, into UB Learns automatically. 

The result? A seamless and more consistent learning experience designed to improve student outcomes and cut down the amount of time you spend organizing your online course materials.

Before you start

Make sure you download and install the Zoom Desktop Client for your machine before following the steps in this guide. If you need the client installed on a UB-owned desktop or laptop computer, talk to your departmental IT support staff.

Next, log into Panopto. Logging into Panopto once per semester ensures your Zoom classes will automatically be recorded and added to the Meeting Recordings folder under My Folder in Panopto. This is an important step in sharing your class recordings in UB Learns.

UB Learns: one-stop resource for your students

By following this workflow, you’ll make it easier for your students by helping them access your classes—both synchronously via Zoom and recorded via Panopto—directly from UB Learns. This is a best practice that will provide your students with a more consistent and reliable learning experience.

Following this workflow also automates the process of sharing Zoom links and Panopto recordings with your students, which means you will spend less time on technology and more time teaching this semester. 

To see more ways that UB Learns integrates with UB teaching technology, visit the UBIT website.

Get help with UB Learns and other UB teaching technology

You can find answers to common questions from faculty about UB Learns on the UBIT website. For help with UB Learns, contact the UB Learns support team at, or call 716-645-6188.

For 24/7 help with Zoom, submit a ticket to For help with Panopto, email

For help with other UBIT teaching technology, contact the UBIT Help Center online at, or by phone at 716-645-3542.