Answers to your technology questions about working remotely

A student works alone on a laptop outside on UB's South Campus.

Photo by Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Published April 10, 2020

The UB community is capable of achieving remarkable things every day, even while navigating the shift to working remotely. One important aspect of success is knowing when to ask for help.


The UBIT Help Center is available to answer questions about technology. Visit see all the ways you can get help with UB technology.

Here are the top questions from members of the UB community in recent weeks about technology for working remotely, according to UBIT’s Help Center staff.

How do I check my voicemail from home?

Most people can check their UB voicemail, and manage their greetings and other settings, from any phone by calling 716-645-3333. Press star (*) when you hear the greeting, then enter your seven-digit UB phone number followed by pound (#). Then, enter your five-digit voicemail PIN and hit pound again.

If you don’t know your individual voicemail PIN, you can change it by logging into the UB Phone Self-Care Portal with your UBITName and password (note: you’ll need to connect to the UBVPN first if you're not on campus). For help resetting a departmental voicemail PIN, or accessing departmental voicemail from home, contact the UBIT Help Center.

Alternately, you can elect to send your voicemail messages to your UBmail as attachments, instead of to your voicemail inbox.

The easiest way to manage your UB phone while working remotely is to use Jabber. With Jabber, you can make and receive calls from your UB Phone number and manage your UB voicemail inbox from any computer, phone or mobile device, with useful new phone features like chat, status updates and more.

I’m currently teaching classes as a volunteer. Can I use UB-provided Zoom or Webex for teaching?

If you’re working at UB but considered a volunteer, and you need access to remote software like Zoom or Webex in order to teach a class, contact your departmental IT support. They can give you access to remote work software and provide more information about what is available.

I’m teaching a class. How can I give my TAs the ability to record in Panopto?

While students (including TAs and GAs) can typically only view Panopto recordings, and not create their own, you can request permission for your TA to create Panopto recordings on your behalf. Just check the box next to “Give a GA or TA access to record for a course,” and enter their name and UBITName where it says “Additional information.”