New Panopto features: better automatic captions and Zoom integration

A man lectures at the front of a UB classroom.

Published April 7, 2020

Two new changes to UB’s educational recording app, Panopto, will help promote better distance learning.


New: better automated captioning

You can generate captions for your Panopto videos using automated speech recognition. Panopto recently announced a partnership with Speechmatics to use its powerful machine learning algorithms in order to improve the quality of these captions. 

This new, more powerful captioning ability is available now. These captions still may not be 100% accurate, however—it is recommended you review and manually refine your video’s captions once they are generated.

New: recorded Zoom meetings now available in Panopto

When you record a meeting to the cloud using your UB Zoom account, it will now automatically be sent to your personal Panopto folder. 

To play, edit and share your recorded Zoom meetings using your UB Panopto account, log into and navigate to My Folder > Meeting Recordings. 

Learn more and get help with Panopto

Are you a UB instructor? The UBIT website has more information about using Panopto to generate engaging educational recordings from anywhere.

For technical assistance with the Panopto Recorder, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET, please email

Videos and instructions can also be found at