Teach untethered: present wirelessly from your device in UB classrooms

A Tech Squad smartcar parked in front of UB's iconic pillars.

Published August 19, 2019

Easily project what’s on your phone or laptop’s screen to the class… no adapters needed! Just use the new “Wireless Presentation” feature in UB technology classrooms.


Get ready for faster, easier projection

These instructions include steps for downloading and installing the Crestron AirMedia app for your device, which you’ll need to do before using wireless presentation.

Get one-on-one training and support

Consider spending a few minutes in your regular classroom before class starts setting it up. Or, schedule an in-person setup and training session in your classroom with professionals from the UBIT Help Center—just call 716-645-3542 and select ‘1’ from the menu.

A single, simple way to get connected

UB provides physical adapters to connect many popular devices to classroom projectors. But keeping each room updated with the latest, most in-demand adapters is no simple task.

“For such a small piece of technology, adapters are one of UBIT’s greatest challenges,” said Gary Boulware, UBIT Classroom Technology Services Manager. 

Because every instructor’s preferences are different, and technology is always changing, UBIT constantly re-evaluates and updates available adapters. But this time-intensive effort can still leave many instructors without the right adapter for their device.

Despite a recent classroom upgrade, 37% of UB faculty respondents rated the adapters offered in technology classrooms “moderate” or “poor” in the 2019 UBIT Faculty IT Survey

The addition of wireless presentation in UB classrooms improves the instructor experience by providing a single, reliable process that, once set up, can be used to connect any device in seconds.

What about AppleTV?

Wireless presentation replaces AppleTV in rooms that previously featured it. This makes it possible, for the first time ever, to support wireless presentation for Windows and Android devices, in addition to the Apple devices previously supported by AppleTV.

Help with teaching technology

From in-person demonstrations to on-the-spot troubleshooting, the UBIT Help Center can help you use get more out of UB’s teaching technology. Just all 716-645-3542, and press ‘1,’ to get started.

You can also get help online at buffalo.edu/ubit/help, or visit UBIT’s Help Center locations on North or South Campus.