Voicemail changes to automatically remove messages older than one year

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Published April 16, 2019

Starting July 15, 2019, a change to UB’s voicemail system will begin automatically removing messages in your mailbox older than a year.

This change will make future upgrades to UB’s phones more stable, and puts UB in line with best practices for similar organizations.

How it works

The countdown starts when you receive a new voicemail. After 180 days, the message will automatically move to your “saved messages” folder. Once a message is in the “saved messages” folder, it will automatically move to the “deleted messages” folder 180 days after that.

Once in the “deleted messages” folder, messages will be permanently deleted after seven days.

Want to save your voicemail messages? Forward them to your UBmail

To save your voicemail messages indefinitely, consider forwarding your incoming messages to your UBmail inbox instead.

When you contact your IT support staff and request this option, your voicemail arrives as an audio file attachment to an email message, instead of to your phone’s mailbox. This process bypasses your phone’s mailbox entirely.

Because your voicemail messages are delivered as .WAV audio files, you can save them to your device just like any other email attachment, for as long as you like.

Phone flexibility

UB phone technology is more flexible than ever, providing you with more ways to access your phone services when and where you need them.

You can customize your phone settings online, including ring settings, speed dials and call forwarding.

And, to take your phone features with you anywhere, and add new features like chat and status updates, file sharing and more, talk to your IT staff about installing Jabber on your devices.

Get help with phones at UB

For help with all things phone-related at UB, contact the UBIT Help Center, online at buffalo.edu/ubit/help, by phone at 716-645-3542 or at one of our walk-up locations on North or South Campus.