Customize your UB phone settings online

Published January 23, 2019

The UB Phone Self Care Portal is a web-based interface where you can manage your UB phone settings. Now you can use it to change your speed dials, set up call forwarding, turn on do not disturb and more.

What’s new?


There are several new features in the Self Care Portal as of January 2019, including:

  • Speed dials
  • Ringer options for all directory numbers on your phone
  • Specific voicemail notification settings for directory numbers on your phone
  • The ability to enable or disable missed call logging
  • Options for call forwarding
  • A Do Not Disturb feature
  • The ability to reset your PIN for phone services and voicemail
  • And the ability to manage features, functionality, etc. for single numbers

You can learn more about each of these features, and how to use the Self Care Portal to manage these and other settings like call forwarding and resetting your voicemail PIN, on the UBIT website.

Jabber: your UB phone features on any device

Many of these options also integrate with Jabber, the software option that allows you to use your UB phone’s features from any digital device.

Jabber allows you to place, receive, and manage phone calls, chat with colleagues, set status updates, share files and more.

Talk to your IT support staff to find out how you can get Jabber for your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Get help with UB phones

You can always get help with your UB phone by contacting the UBIT Help Center, online at, by phone at 716-645-3542, or at one of our walk-up locations on North or South Campus.