UBIT Welcomes New Team Members

New UBIT Employees

By Joe Ferguson

Published June 13, 2017

Joe Ferguson

Joe Ferguson (UB Student, Class of 2019) was born in Sacramento, CA, but currently lives in Lockport, NY. He is studying Marketing/Public Relations and Communications. He hopes to get a job in as a marketing person or PR agent for a California-based company when he graduates.

UBIT professionals are engaged, passionate and diverse. Here are the latest additions to our team.

Kari Costelloe joined the Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer as a Policy Writer and Records Manager in May 2017. She was interested in joining UBIT due to the scope and reach of information technology. Kari feels that IT supports research, creative endeavors, and community engagement. It also drives innovation, discovery and change in both UB and the region it is in.

Kari is responsible for creating clearly written and accurate policies and procedures to make the customer experience enjoyable and make sure individuals are getting the most out of the IT services offered at UB. Kari finds that being part of a collaborative effort that is focused on service, support and innovation within UB is one of the most rewarding aspects of her job.

Away from UB, Kari enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the Buffalo-Niagara region.

Kevin Cleary joined UBIT as a System Software Manager with Enterprise Infrastructure Services in May 2017. Kevin studied at UB and continued to work at UB after graduation, most recently with Campus Living IT. He feels that working at UB gives him a sense of pride.

Kevin compares IT services to a game of Jenga. The position and management of the lower blocks directly drives the stability and growth of the above blocks. Kevin works with and manages these “lower blocks” of technologies that enable growth, innovation and research among the UB community.

One thing Kevin enjoys about his job is being able to leveraging technology to solve problems. IT is an always evolving field and Kevin is the same. Since he graduated from UB, he has not stopped learning. Being in a field where he can constantly learn makes his work rewarding.

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking and boating. He also captains his bowling team and hopes to one day become a cruise-line critic.

Mel Carey is an IT Customer Service Analyst with the UBIT Help Center who started in October 2016. A UB alumna, she wanted to return to her roots and an education-driven atmosphere. Mel works to help UB faculty and staff solve their device problems efficiently and completely, so they can get back to what's important: their jobs.

Mel finds her job rewarding since she can help people resolve their frustrating technology problems. She constantly finds herself learning more information and gets to share that with others to help them. When not working, Mel enjoys playing old video games and making costumes.

Gary Meinl is an Application Developer for Enterprise Application Services who joined UBIT in January 2017. Gary enjoyed his college experience at UB so much that he wanted to return. He enjoys helping students and is happy that his work makes their academic lives better.

Gary works with the Peoplesoft database, which hosts much of the administrative data at UB. He is currently training to work in a specific concentration, such as student aid or class scheduling. He enjoys making the administrative process easier for students so they can better enjoy their UB experience.

In his free time, Gary teaching ski lessons to special needs children at the Kissing Bridge adaptive program. He also enjoys playing card, board and video games.

Marshall Mills is a Software Engineer for Network and Classroom Services. He joined UB in January 2017. He develops custom applications with a focus on security and modern development best practices. Marshall's interests include astronomy and robotics.

Vuk Vujcic is a Client Technologies Technician who joined UBIT Customer Service in February 2017.