Coming Soon: Results of the 2017 UBIT Student Experience Survey

Group of students at game

Published October 23, 2017

The 21st annual UBIT Student Experience Survey was open from Monday, October 23 through Sunday, November 5, 2017. Results of this year's survey will be shared in the coming weeks.

One of the longest-running surveys of its kind, UBIT has been learning about technology trends from innovative students at the forefront for 21 years, and the result is better IT on campus for everyone.

You speak, we listen

Did you know that the use of Mac devices at UB has doubled in the last ten years? UBIT knows it—because we’ve been asking students about it for decades, and listening carefully. And it’s no coincidence that a group of brand new iMacs showed up in Lockwood Cybrary in Spring 2017.

Student input has been responsible for the introduction of color printing in the public computing sites, a large overhaul of UB’s Wi-Fi networks and countless other decisions over the past several decades.

Special thanks to the nearly 2,000 students who took the 2017 survey!