Making Connections through UB’s Directory

students walking on campus

Published June 26, 2017

By Benjamin Blanchet

On a campus of over 38,000 students, faculty and staff, finding someone’s contact information can be a tough task. With the UB Online Directory, all you need is a name.

No need to worry about what building or department the person works in, just visit and simplify your search.

The Search Is On

With the UB Online Directory, you’re able to find students, faculty, staff and other UB community members with searches based on their full name, last name, email address, UBITName or phone number.

Even if you’re having trouble remembering the spelling of someone’s name, you can search for individuals based on letters at the beginning or ending of their name. Just include an asterisk (*) in place of what you don’t already know.

If you’re looking for a specific department on-campus, the directory has you covered as well. The directory offers a comprehensive list of resources and departments at UB featuring emails, phone numbers and locations of each service.

Stay Updated

Faculty, staff and students can add information to their listing in the directory via the "Update User-Supplied Information" link that appears after you click a person's name. There, you can add or modify the listings of your phone number, preferred email, office location and more.

Additionally, staff and faculty members should keep their official insitutional information up to date by informing HR of any changes. Telephones and other services rely on official (rather than user-supplied) information during directory searches, so it's important to have the latest information on the UB Online Directory.