Windows 8: Should You, or Shouldn’t You?

Windows 8

Published March 4, 2013

By Diana Tuorto,

Windows 8 came out this past fall…so, it’s time to go ahead and upgrade the old computer, right? If you’re using that device for classes or work with UB, we think you should wait.

Windows 8 has introduced significant changes to make the operating system better suited for mobile devices, even including a touch-friendly component. There is now a Start screen instead of a Start menu and a new Windows store allows app purchases.

CIT is currently testing software and services to verify Windows 8 compatibility. As a result, university systems and public sites will not be upgraded at this time.

“Based on consultation with the UB Workstation Standards Committee, CIT recommends that students, faculty, and staff defer upgrading personal systems until we’re satisfied that Windows 8 meets academic and business needs,” said Saira Hasnain, Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS).

Several individual UB schools have recently announced their support of CIT’s recommendation:

“Currently, the School of Management is not considering a migration to Windows 8 in the near future,” said David Costello, Assistant Dean, UB School of Management. “Until our staff has more time to use and become familiar with the new operating system, we won’t consider a school-wide migration.  With that said, we don’t see any significant, technical benefit to consider. In fact, we feel the user interface and experience would require training for most, if not all, users. We will work with faculty that have a genuine need to consider the migration to Windows 8 for business or research reasons.”

Peter Rittner, Assistant Dean of the UB College of Arts & Sciences, added, “The College of Arts & Sciences fully supports the UB Workstation Standards Committee’s recommendation that any devices used for UB purposes not yet be upgraded to Windows 8.”

Already Have Windows 8?

If you’ve already upgraded or purchased a Windows 8 device, be sure to download the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Anti-Virus Protection. Staff, faculty and students can download this software and much more, including Microsoft Office, at no cost through the UBIT website.  

Can’t wait?

If you are interested in trying Windows 8 on your personal computer and you understand the risks, then UB students, faculty, and staff can obtain a version of Windows 8 under UB’s Microsoft Campus Software Agreement for a small distribution cost.

Follow CIT’s testing progress and latest advice on Windows 8.