UB Goes Mobile

UB Goes Mobile

Published March 4, 2013

By Tom Furlani, furlani@buffalo.edu

Mobile computing is perhaps the most rapidly growing area in Information Technology today. In fact, this year, mobile phones will officially overtake PCs as the most commonly used device to access the Web. With mobile computing becoming a greater part of our daily lives, this semester’s release of UB Mobile is very timely as the next step in UB’s ongoing mobilization.

UB Mobile is the culmination of more than a year’s work by CIT and University Communications staff. Available for iOS and Android markets, this robust app leverages UBCMS, UB’s web content management system, making existing web content more readily accessible by mobile users.  In addition, rather than maintaining separate native applications for Apple, Android, and other devices, new technology was leveraged that automatically generates the native applications from a single version.  

UB Mobile is just the first step in our commitment to mobile computing. Additional applications will be added to UB Mobile, and "mobilization" of student and faculty services like HUB will soon be available. We’re committed to providing UB's students, faculty, and staff with the IT tools necessary to live and work in today's knowledge-based society, and mobile computing is an important component of this toolset.

Of course, mobile computing was not the only thing occupying UBIT over the past several months. Indeed, as this newsletter shows, we’ve been quite busy working on the Distributed Antenna System, technology improvements in Kapoor Hall and the new CTRC building, Windows 8 testing, Student IT Experience Survey, and much more.

I hope you find the information in this newsletter useful. As always, we look forward to comments and suggestions for future topics, as well as feedback on IT services and initiatives. Learn more about UB Mobile.