Learn Anywhere with UB Course Captures

Professor teaching to large class

Published September 2013

By Diana Tuorto

Missed a class, or wish you could relive it to retain more? Now, thanks to UB's new course capture software, you can anytime.

“The software has more robust features and offers a better experience,”
Matt Stock, Manager of Customer Assistance
Network and Classroom Services (NCS)

Course capture software has been used by UB for several years now, but as Matt Stock, Manager of Customer Assistance with Network and Classroom Services (NCS) points out, “It wasn’t reliable. The new system is much easier for both faculty and students to use.”

Earlier this year, several products were evaluated and the Echo360 software was put in place in time for the School of Medicine’s arrival in August. It has many new features that students will enjoy, including the ability to download and fast forward, as long as the professor allows it. “The software has more robust features and offers a better experience,” Matt continued. “Professors will soon also be able to edit videos after recording.”

Echo360’s software works on all devices and allows videos to be published to YouTube and iTunes U. Students can access videos through links under their courses in UBlearns. “In the future, UB's course capture software could be used for training videos and more,” Matt added.

Nearly a dozen video capture classrooms were upgraded over the summer, but the hope is to update more spaces going forward. “The new course capture software is very cost effective,” Matt said.  

The new software also offers analytics, allowing faculty to track how many people have watched a video. Down the road, a “personal capture” feature will be made available, allowing faculty to record classes from a more mobile device like a tablet, smartphone or tablet, instead of a stationary box.  

A high-speed wired Internet connection is recommended for streaming videos, so students living on campus are encouraged to use ResNet. Learn more about UB’s course capture software.