Get Your Game On

Student playing on a gaming device

Published September 2013

By Robert Poleszak

Gamers at UB are in for a treat. As of April 2013, UB is offering a dedicated Wi-Fi network for gaming and media devices.

For example, students using a PS3 or 360 can now successfully connect their devices to the UB Gaming Wi-Fi network. In the past, students may have found connecting these devices to UB Secure or Wireless impossible because the devices don’t have a browser to manage the UB Secure login process.

Using UB Gaming is a two step process. First, the device’s MAC address (a 12 digit hexadecimal number, which is typically found on a sticker on the console or the device’s setup menus) is registered at the UB Gaming registration website using a computer already connected to the UB network. Then, UB Gaming is selected for connection with the newly registered device, which automatically authenticates the device for then on.

UB Gaming is available campus wide, not just in residence halls. Staff and faculty are encouraged to use this Wi-Fi connection with any devices that do not support a browser-based login.

While recommended for gaming devices, UB Gaming is the same speed as UB Secure. For the fastest high-speed Internet connection on campus, connect gaming consoles, media devices and routers to ResNet’s wired network whenever possible.

Learn how to connect to UB Gaming.