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Resources for Research

Center for Computational Research Machine Room in the NYS Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences

UBIT services are a collaboration of different organizations working to provide common resources and specialized services to address research needs.

  • CCR provides cyber infrastructure for researchers requiring:
    • high performance computing
    • large-scale data storage
    • simulation and scientific visualization services
  • CCR Staff include computational scientists, programmers and database administrators

Computing and Information Technology (CIT)

UB’s central computing and networking division, CIT, provides basic services to researchers:

  • High availability file storage
  • Research software and software licensing services
  • Research collaboration tools: web-conferencing, wiki software
  • Campus network connectivity including secure Wi-Fi and high speed Internet1 and Internet2 links
  • Servers and server backup systems

Decanal/Departmental IT Support Organizations

Formerly Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

UB’s Center for Educational Innovation supports and provides training for faculty about:

  • UB’s learning management system, UBlearns
  • How to use the latest IT and media to enrich course content
  • Use Web conferencing to hold meetings and virtual classes with contributors and students around the world
  • Stream high-resolution videos over the UB network
  • Audience response systems (clickers) polling features
  • Instructional development opportunities and support to faculty for online learning across the campus
  • Learning new instructional methods and technology for courses
  • Appropriately assessing the effectiveness of these approaches in fostering student learning

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