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Co-Location at UB (CLUB)

Terms of Agreement

Agreement between CIT and other departments for Collocating servers in the Computing Center

This agreement is to facilitate the location of Departmental servers in the Computing Center. The servers are under the control of Departments and not CIT.

Reasons for collocating servers

  • Space availability in departments is restricted
  • Better cooling and circulation
  • Better power protection
  • Better security via card access restriction
  • Monitoring by Operational Staff 24x7x365 days

Location: Norton 15

Access: Physical access will be allowed for full or part-time UB employees in order to provide hands-on maintenance and support for their server hardware when required.


  1. SPACE will be provided and collocated with other departments. Space is limited to only production machines, no test or development servers. A request for more than two cabinets needs to be discussed for approval by NCS
    * There will be no RESERVING space for a cabinet or expansion of existing space
  2. MONITORING OF NETWORK SERVERS is provided to verify network connectivity.
  3. Centralized (TSM) Backup services are provided for Unix and Microsoft platforms.
  4. PRICING Departments bear all cost of Power and Network needs and equipment pricing for all data communications service is billed by the standard NCS flat rate pricing schedule. All electrical work is billed on a time and materials basis.
    Read the Costs for Services.
  5. POWER will be provided [120 volts 20 amps per cabinet].
    *A 120V/20A, UPS protected service will be provided for each cabinet.
  6. NETWORK CONNECTIONS will be provided per the department's request. Network connectivity is shared with other 'CLUB' Members on a Subnet. All connections will be either 100baseT or 1000baseT and connection quantities are determined by Departmental requirements.
  7. SECURITY will be provided via the NCS Card Access system utilizing UB cards.
    *You will have 24x7x365 a day Access into Norton 15 'CLUB ROOM' for Server maintenance, installation, and upgrades.
  8. AIR CONDITIONED SPACE: All server space is air conditioned. The air conditioning system is monitored by NCS operations staff and maintained by University Facilities.
  9. A listserve is provided so that information can be shared, between CIT and Department representation.
  10. FIRE PROTECTION: Norton 15 is equipped with a FM-200 fire suppression system.
  11. REPAIR SERVICE: Optional time and materials server repair services could be negotiated, based on a review of departmental equipment and agreement on the support level required.
  1. STANDARDIZATION OF CABINET SIZES Uniform Cabinet Size will be maintained to maximize floor space. Cabinets must not exceed 24"W X 40"D X 84"H. If a full rack isn't needed, NCS will offer a co-location cabinet. Cabinet will be divided in 3 sections. Customer will only be responsible for 1/3 of the cost.
  2. LOCKED CABINETS [after installation]. Because multiple departments will be sharing this space, it is required that all Cabinets are locked. Two keys for each cabinet are to be ordered. One key is for DEPT & one is for NCS. The NCS key will be placed in the
    Operations KEY BOX. To be used only in an emergency (i.e. Fire).
  3. MONITORING CONSOLES for SERVERS EACH department is responsible for providing and maintaining their own server console within department cabinet space. Monitoring services are available and will be provided upon request. Each department must respect other department servers and equipment using 'CLUB' space.
  4. SERVER INSTALLATIONS EACH department is responsible for physically placing servers into cabinets. All hardware MUST reside in a cabinet. No space will be provided for spare parts, or storage of any kind. Rules for equipment left outside of department cabinets will follow existing machine room procedures.
  5. SHIPPING of EQUIPMENT to Norton 15. Departments will coordinate the receiving of equipment with NCS. No shipments will be accepted without prior arrangements with NCS.

    *All surplus material from installation of servers will be removed to dumpsters in Fronczak Hall's loading dock by department Members.
  6. SECURITY INFORMATION Departments should provide:
    1. CONTACT Names and phone numbers of UB employees needing access to departmental servers.
    2. A Fulltime Staff escort for all Students and vendors entering in the 'CLUB ROOM'. Department contacts (sponsors) MUST prearrange and provide escort for Vendor visits ahead of time with NCS (645-3531).
  7. LISTSERV INFORMATION Departments should SUPPLY names and email addresses of persons within the departments to be included to the list where current status information is provided.

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