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Departmental Server Hosting

Our recommended method for hosting departmental servers is to use the UB Virtual Machine Infrastructure.

Virtual Machine Infrastructure for Departmental Servers

The Virtual Machine Infrastructure service provides servers (virtual computers) for UB-affiliated entities. The servers may run Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, or Oracle Solaris x86 operating systems. Certain other versions of Linux may work as well. The service is similar to those provided by server hosting companies, but has several advantages due to the fact that it is part of UB’s core computing infrastructure. The service was originally developed to provide flexibility, reliability and cost savings for UB internal IT needs. It was later made available for departmental use and it now hosts a significant population of departmental servers.

Departmental Hardware in a CIT UB Data System

After conducting an analysis of a department’s servers, we have, in some rare cases, found that it did not make sense to replace the servers with virtual machines. To address those cases, a limited amount of rack space for departmental server hardware is reserved in a CIT UB data center. These arrangements are governed by the Co-Location at UB (CLUB) Terms of Agreement.

Requirements for Departmental Hardware in a CIT Data Center

Customers are responsible for the cost of a cabinet and any needed networking or power. Server installation and console access for your dedicated use must be provided by the customer.

Requesting Departmental Server Hosting

To request Departmental Server Hosting (Virtual Machine):

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