Verisign Certificates

VeriSign SSL Certificates and Website Security Solutions are now from Symantec.

Notes about Certificate Requests

  • For Verisign issued certificates the Organization (O) field is limited to 64 characters and MUST be "SUNY AT BUFFALO'' in all capital letters. (See below for other field size limits.)
  • A Verisign certificate can be replaced free of charge within 30 days of issuance.

Field Length Limits for Certificate Requests

All text fields are examples, do not use them

Entry Maximum
Example (don't use
Organization 64 SUNY AT BUFFALO or State University of New York at Buffalo
Common Name 64
Organizational Unit 64 Office of the President
City/Locality 128 Buffalo
State/Province 128 New York (note: do not abbreviate)
Country 2 US

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