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Comodo Certificates

Comodo signing services pricing varies by type and duration. (All prices are subject to change.) The legacy certificates are signed with an older root and are normally not needed unless older mobile devices (e.g. Windows Mobile 5) are clients and those clients are unable to install the current Comodo root.

Comodo also signs test certificates that are good for 30 days and are renewable. They do not sign test certificates with the legacy root.

Notes about Certificate Requests

  • Comodo requests must have a key size greater than 2,048 bits. We suggest 4,096. Read about  How to change key size while renewing in IIS5 and IIS6.
  • Unless otherwise explicitly requested in the Notes field on the UB request form, we will purchase Comodo certificates. The Organization field is not used to determine certificate signer.
  • For Comodo issued certificates the Organization (O) field should be "State University of New York at Buffalo''.

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