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Comodo Certificates

Comodo signing services pricing varies by type and duration and prices are subject to change.

Notes about Certificate Requests

  • Comodo requests must have a key size greater than 2,048 bits. We suggest 4,096. Read about  How to change key size while renewing in IIS5 and IIS6.
  • Unless otherwise explicitly requested in the Notes field on the UB request form, we will purchase Comodo certificates. The Organization field is not used to determine certificate signer.
  • The old Comodo certificate signing process for a single domain always produced a certificate with a Subject Alternate Name (SAN). Both and were included in each single domain certificate. If you requested you would get a certificate for both and Likewise if you requested you would get a certificate for both and
    This is no longer the case.  If you need a certificate with both names you must create a CSR with a SAN field for the second name.

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