Use Symantec Drive Encryption

Once Symantec Encryption Desktop is installed, Symantec Drive Encription PGP Whole Disk Encryption can be used to protect an entire disk, or selected partitions of a disk.

Using Symantec Drive Encryption

1.  Open Symantec Desktop Encryption program from the start menu. You can also double click the Symantec Encryption Desktop icon in the system tray.

2.  Select PGP Disk and Encrypt Disk or Partition.

3.  Select the drive and then click New Passphrase User…

4.  Choose Use Windows Password and click Next.

5.  Select Proceed with passphrase authentication only and click Next.

6.  Have the main computer’s user enter their UBITName and password. If desired, select Enable Windows SSO.  This will automatically sign that user on as soon as the computer boots.

Optionally, an additional account can be used in the event maintenance must be performed and the primary user is not available (adding the local administrator account is highly suggested). Follow the same steps as above to add a New Passphrase User, but do NOT enable windows SSO.

7.  Click Next and you will be taken back to the Encrypt Disk or Partition screen.

8.  Select Maximum CPU Usage and Power Failure Safety as appropriate for your environment and then click Encrypt.

  • If the user will be using the machine during the encryption, do NOT select “maximum CPU usage."
  • If the machine does not have a battery (i.e. desktop) select “power failure safety.”

9.  Click “Encrypt.” You will have one last confirmation box, click Yes to begin the encryption.

10.  Once the encryption finishes, restart to ensure the encryption and passphrases work as expected.

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