Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to hosts on a subscription basis. Upon an alarming event, we will notify IT Support Staff by mode of choice and alert them of an availability problem. Service allows for time of day variance.


  1. Configure - The server's sysadmin configures the SNMP daemon/service on the device to be monitored.
    • Ensure that the device's firewall, if enabled, does not block SNMP packets from the NCS network monitoring server (NMS).
  2. SNMP Check - The server's sysadmin should verify that the device is ready to be monitored by querying it with the UB SNMP Check Utility. This utility requires the device's IP address and community string. Successful completion of this step guarantees that Network Operations will be able to add the device to Spectrum.
  3. Request Monitoring - Fill out the form to Request or Modify Network Monitoring.



Customers must setup SNMP service on each machine and maintain current contact information.

Supported Software/Equipment


For questions please contact the UBIT Help Center at: 716-645-3542 or send email to the UBIT Help Center.

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