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Departmental Firewall Installation and Configuration

Our Network Firewall Service offers protection of your private departmental network against unwanted traffic from external network users. A firewall examines each packet and determines if it should be allowed to its destination according to a defined rule set.

Getting Started

Determine Your Security Needs

Request a Network, Phone or Classroom Services Consultation with professional Network staff to determine your needs and select the appropriate equipment. See a description of Juniper Network equipment, installation and costs.

Determine Firewall Ruleset Management

Managing Your Firewall

  • Request Firewall Rule Changes
  • Use Firewall Administration Tool (authorized users only)
    •     Request access to the Firewall Administration Tool

Still need help?

Don't know your UBITName or password? Call 716-645-3542, visit one of our two walk-in locations, or send a message.

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