MS Windows 7 Enterprise Workstation Configuration (IT Staff)

Before implementing recommended changes to Windows 7, settings must be carefully examined.

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and will no longer receive security updates. Upgrade your equipment running Windows 7 to a supported version of Windows 10.

Don't attempt to implement any settings without first testing in a non-production environment.

The entire process for each workstation may take several minutes to even hours (especially if you're doing this for the first time), depending on the level of security enhancement you choose to implement.

Before applying system changes to enhance security, consider the following:

  • Most of the security enhancement changes are implemented in the Registry. Before you edit the Registry, learn how to restore a registry key(s) with Registry Editor if a problem occurs.
  • For most changes to take effect, the workstation must be rebooted.
  • Document each change you implement.

Although the following document recommendations will lead to significantly a more secure workstation, keep in mind that no computer with Internet access is completely immune from well-seasoned hackers, whose tools and techniques are becoming more sophisticated and detrimental every day.

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