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iOS Devices

Working with iOS devices? Take a few moments to review the following helpful security guides and hardening recommendations.

Apple iOS

Review a comprehensive security guide released by Apple for hardening iOS based devices.

Apple OS X

Review a comprehensive security guide released by Apple for hardening OS X and maintaining a secure computer. Not all versions of OS X are listed by Apple. Choose the version that is closest to the one you're running until Apple revises their documentation.

Some instructions in this Apple guide are complex, and deviation could cause serious adverse effects on the computer and its security.

These instructions should only be used by experienced Mac OS X users, and should be followed by thorough testing.

Hardening Recommendations for Apple iOS

  1. Update firmware to the latest version (see CIS Section 1.1.1)
  2. Require a passcode (2.2.1)
  3. Set auto-lock timeout (1.1.4)
  4. Disable grace period for lock
  5. Erase data upon excessive passcode failures
  6. Enable Fraud Warning in Safari (1.2.2)
  7. Enable Data Protection
  8. Turn off Ask to Join Networks (1.1.7)
  9. Turn off Bluetooth when not needed (1.1.11)
  10. Forget Wi-Fi networks to prevent automatic rejoin (1.1.6)
  11. Erase all data before return, repair or recycle (1.1.15)
  12. Enable remote wipe functionality
  13. Encrypt device backups through iTunes

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