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Virtual Conference for IT Staff

UB faculty and staff use Microsoft Lync to conduct and participate in virtual classes, meetings and conferences. Lync is a valuable resource for bringing in outside companies to assist with troubleshooting and remote support.

Installation & Licensing

Lync is licensed by the university and available to departments for use on UB-owned computers. Learn how to order.

In order to ensure the best user experience, the following registry key can be applied during deployment. It will force clients to download the address book immediately when they sign on.



User Account Provisioning

Lync Recommendations for Your Constituents

CIT recommends using the Lync 2013 client for UB students, faculty and staff using Windows. The client is available as a standalone component and does not require upgrading to MS Office 2013.


Lync 2011 is recommended for UB students, faculty and staff using Macintosh.


There is no Linux client; use Lync Web Scheduler in conjunction with the Lync Web App.


Instructions and links to download Lync.

UB faculty, staff and students are automatically provisioned for Lync accounts.

Please note: No UBITName exception accounts will be created for Virtual Conference usage.

  • Faculty and Staff – Full access to all Lync clients (workstation, mobile, Web). Meetings limited to 250 attendees (one presenter + 249 others).
  • Students – Full access to all Lync clients (workstation, mobile, Web). Meetings limited to ten attendees (one presenter + nine others). Students cannot record Lync sessions.
  Full Client Mobile Client Web App Web Scheduler Comments
Faculty and Staff X X X X Maximum of 250 attendees (presenter + 249 others)
Students X X X X Maximum of ten attendees (presenter + nine others)

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