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Responsive Web Design Workshop (9/26/13)

The proliferation of Internet-connected devices over the last several years has drastically changed the way we code for the Web. This interactive introduction to responsive Web design fundamentals helped staff learn how to create a Web page that will work and look great no matter what size screen an audience is viewing it on.

About the Presenter

Adrian Roselli has been developing accessible, effective user interfaces for the Web, multimedia and software applications since 1993. His work focuses on ensuring that software and Web-based applications can be utilized by users with varying levels of ability on a wide array of platforms.

Selected Audience Feedback

We asked those who attended, "Did this event meet your expectations?"

  • "Yes, it was very informative."
  • "Yes, very informative and provided many ways to consider web design."
  • "Yes it was very informative."
  • "Yes, it was terrific."