Planning Content Migration in UBbox (IT Staff)

Determine your needs, decide what needs to be migrated and choose the best method based on the number of files to be migrated.

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Set Parameters

  • What is the specific goal of the migration?
  • How will you define success?
  • When do you need access to the content?
  • Will you focus on shared drives and content, personally stored content, or both?

General Tips

  • Understand your backup needs: Ubbox is a platform for sharing and collaborating on content and is not the best tool for backing up things like .PST files, databases or other data. Traditional backup systems are better for those types of files.
  • Keep things simple: Resist the urge to move all of your old content to your new system just because you can. Make sure there is a business case for all content you migrate.
  • Plan a timeline: Just as it took more than a few days to build up your digital repository, it will take time to curate and migrate content to UBbox. A timeline can be as simple as start and end dates on your calendar or as detailed as a Gantt chart with milestones.  

Available Migration Methods

The number of files and the file sizes can help you pick the best method.

Small Amounts: Drag and Drop

Best suited for less than 1GB of content. Use Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari, or any browser that supports HTML5.

  1. Log into UBbox
  2. Select and drag the file into the folder you want to upload the file to. It will immediately begin to upload.

Medium Amounts: Upload Folders

Upload up to 500 files at a time.

  1. Log into UBbox.
  2. Click Upload and select Upload Folder.

Large Amounts: FTP

Migrate up to 100,000 files at once. Increase your number of simultaneous downloads to maximize speed and stability.  

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