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Automated Scanning and Patching

for Windows Workstations and Servers Using Shavlik NetChk

Shavlik's HFNetChkPro is a fee based console application that can be used to centrally scan and/or patch vulnerabilities in Windows based Operating Systems and other Microsoft Applications.

For departmental administrators

This document is intended for Departmental Administrators wishing to implement an autoscan / autopatch system for their workstations and servers.

HFNetChk is a "lite" version of HFNetChkPro that is limited to scanning capabilities. The "lite" version is also limited to 50 machines per console. A license must be obtained to add patching functionality.

HFNetChkPro combines the functionality of Windows Update and Office Update as well as the ability to scan/patch other Microsoft applications such as MSSQL, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. Other vendors are not currently included.

Scans and patches can be scheduled based on a time interval and are based on scanning groups. Groups can consist of IP subnets, NT Domains, or Active Directory Organizational Units ( OU's ).

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