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Identity Finder Enterprise (Managed)

Identity Finder is a tool that finds personally identifiable information (PII), such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, and assists in securing it from theft. It allows UB to comply with laws that regulate the data that we work with.

Identity Finder Enterprise is managed through the console, and both Windows and Macintosh versions are available.

There are clients for both standalone (unmonitored) computers (under personally owned computers) and a version that allows the computer client it is installed on to become a console-monitored computer (under UB-owned computers), downloadable from:

For those who want to use Identity Finder and its centralized console support, create a ticket in the UBIT Help Center Online requesting your department be set up:

  1. Log into the UBIT Help Center Online.
  2. Choose Self Service > Request a Service > Other or Not Known (left hand side) > General EIS Request.
  3. Under the pull-down for Service or Machine Name, select Identity Finder.
  4. In the ticket, provide:
    • What you want your department name to be. We will create that for you and provide your accounts with sufficient rights.
    • The UBITNames of those that you want to have administrator access.
    • The date you need this set up by. Once we set up your initial tag, you can create your department's sub-structure. You do not need to create any sub-tags if you do not need to separate your machine endpoints into groups.

      Sub-tags can be created in a variety of ways, including the use of dynamic tags to automatically assign machines to sub-tags via active directory OU groups.

Identity Finder supports both Windows and Mac clients.