Download Software for IT Support

A variety of software tools are available to assist UB's IT staff protect UB's data and accounts.

  • 2/22/18
    Jabber is a softphone, chat client and conference tool, available for Windows and Macintosh.
  • 2/20/18
    There are a few tools that the Information Security Office recommends which are available from outside UB. Some of these tools are for advanced users, and some are commercial.
  • 11/30/20
    Tivoli Storage Manager is a client/server licensed product that provides storage management services in a multiplatform computer environment.
  • 3/13/19
    Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) is a tool that finds personally identifiable information (PII), such as credit card numbers and Social Security Numbers, and assists in securing it from theft. It allows UB to comply with laws that regulate the data that we work with.
  • 2/18/15
    UB makes available to IT staff several Symantec software programs to help with managed security, workstation imaging and support.
  • 2/24/15
    vCenter Protect Advanced (formerly VMware vCenter Protect Essentials Plus, Shavlik NetChk Protect and Shavlik HFNetChk Pro) tracks the versions of software installed on your equipment and ensures that you have the latest updates to stay secure.
  • 12/30/20
    Tripwire provides file integrity monitoring (FIM), security configuration management (SCM), asset discovery, vulnerability management (VM) and log collection, and is available to IT Nodes at UB.
  • 6/9/21
    FMAudit is managed print software used by Toshiba and ComDoc that monitors networked printers, copiers and multi-function devices to report on meter reads, consumables and device errors.
  • 4/27/21
    Splunk captures, indexes, and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations.  This may be accomplished by installing a Splunk client (Universal Forwarder - UF) on any machine where logs are desired to be captured.
  • 4/20/21
    See what services and software you are able to get from UB.
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